Collection: Our Healing Methodology at YerbaSantas

Rooted in Ancestral Wisdom : At YerbaSantas, our methodology is deeply anchored in the ancestral wisdom that has guided human health and well-being for thousands of years. We honor and integrate the teachings of our ancestors, recognizing their profound understanding of nature's healing powers. Our approach is not just a practice, but a living tradition, sustained and enriched by the unbroken knowledge passed down through generations.

Holistic Health: A Unified Approach: We believe in the unity of the body, mind, and spirit. True healing cannot be compartmentalized; it must encompass all aspects of being. This holistic view aligns with traditional indigenous healing systems, which see the individual as an integral part of a larger whole, including the community and the natural world. We approach health as a dynamic balance, not just the absence of illness.

The Electrifying Power of Nature: In line with our understanding of the universe's inherent electricity, we emphasize the importance of electrical properties in our healing practices. Movement and life are electric, and this electricity is a cornerstone of vitality. We focus on substances with a pH level above 7, harnessing their natural electric energy to align with the body's own electric nature, fostering healing and rejuvenation.

Embracing the Natural World: Our methodology is grounded in the understanding that the natural world offers profound healing properties. Just as animals in the wild instinctively seek out healing through natural means, we advocate for natural, plant-based remedies and therapies. These natural solutions are not just alternatives to modern medicine; they are time-tested pathways to wellness.

The Triad of Healing: Body, Mind, Spirit: We recognize that physical health is deeply interconnected with mental and spiritual well-being. Our treatments and recommendations are designed to nurture all three aspects, offering a comprehensive approach to healing. This triad of body, mind, and spirit is central to our practice, ensuring a harmonious balance for holistic health.

Continuous Learning and Adaptation: While deeply rooted in traditional wisdom, we are also committed to learning and adapting. Understanding that knowledge is ever-evolving, we continuously seek to refine and enhance our methodologies, integrating new insights while staying true to our core principles.

Community and Individual Care: At YerbaSantas, we see each individual as part of a larger community. Our healing practices are not just about addressing individual concerns but also about fostering a healthy, vibrant community. We believe that individual wellness contributes to the health of the community and vice versa.