Collection: Alkaline Remedies for the Musculoskeletal System

Musculoskeletal System

Guide to Cleansing and Strengthening Your  Musculoskeletal System

What is the Musculoskeletal System?

The musculoskeletal system is like the framework of a building – it includes our bones, muscles, and joints. It's what lets us move, work, and play. Keeping it strong and healthy is key to a vibrant life.

Common Musculoskeletal Issues

muscle strains
back pain
 injuries like fractures.

Yerbassantas Method: Natural Care for Musculoskeletal Health

Overall Concept: At Yerbasantas, we look to nature for answers. Our approach to musculoskeletal health is like nurturing a garden – first, prepare the soil (your body), then plant and care for the seeds (your bones and muscles).

Phase 1:Strengthening

Alkaline Juice Fasting (15 days minimum):This cleansing practice involves consuming only alkaline juices, which are created by blending a single fruit or vegetable with pure spring water. It's a natural and effective way to detoxify your body and promote holistic health. Click Here For Full Alkaline Ingredients Guide.

Incorporating Alkaline Herbs: Begin using the specific plants found below that are known for their bone and muscle-supporting properties.

Phase 2: Cleansing Post-Cleansing Nutrition:Transition into a organ-friendly diet featuring alkaline foods and herbs, packed with essential nutrients that support joint health and muscle recovery.Click Here For Full Alkaline Ingredients Guide.

Focus on Alkaline Plants:Continue Using the Select plants found below known for their support on joint health and muscle recovery by enriching your body with essential minerals.

Physical Activities:Exercises that promote flexibility and strength without strain.

13 Essential Guidelines for an Effective Healing Process

1. Consume only alkaline products.

2. Do not consume seedless fruits.

3. No animal products (meat or dairy).

4. Only drink spring water.

5. Take the electric herbs every day.

6. Do not consume any type of alcohol.

7. Do not consume starchy or white foods(Sugar, flour, corn, potatoes, rice, beans, etc).

8. Do not use the microwave.

9. Take the first rays of the sun daily.

10. Exercise daily.

11. Meditate daily.

12. Limit the use of TV or cell phones.

3. Love yourself.

Our Methodology

Yerbasantas is committed to natural healing, drawing inspiration from traditional practices and health experts like Dr. Sebi. Our approach blends detoxifying the body through fasting with nourishing it using alkaline foods and herbs. The fasting phase involves juices from alkaline produce and detoxifying herbs, which help cleanse and refresh the body. Following this, we emphasize rebuilding health with natural, nutrient-rich foods and herbs. This method cleanses and nourishes simultaneously, promoting lasting health and vitality. At Yerbasantas, we believe in harnessing nature's offerings for a balanced, healthy lifestyle.