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Hierba del Sapo

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Hierba del Sapo (Eryngium carlinae) is a traditional herb native to Mexico, known for its unique health benefits. This herb is especially valued for its ability to support healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels, making it a great choice for people managing conditions like diabetes or high cholesterol.

Hierba del Sapo works by helping your body maintain a natural balance, aiding in the metabolism of fats and sugars. It's also known for its diuretic properties, which means it helps your body get rid of excess water and salts, supporting kidney health and reducing bloating.

      • Grass of the toad (Apiaceae) Eryngium carlinae
      • UTIs
      • Fluid retention
      • Scar tissues
      • Kidney stones
      • Reduces triglycerides
      1. ring a pot of spring water to a boil.
      2. Once the water is boiling, remove it from heat.
      3. Add 1-2 teaspoons of the herb to the water.
      4. Let the herb steep in the hot water for 5-10 minutes.
      5. Strain the infusion to remove the herb.
      6. Add any desired sweeteners or flavors, such as key lime, agave syrup, or our own Maya honey.
      7. Enjoy your herb infusion hot or chilled.
      1. How often should I consume the herb infusion? The frequency of consuming the herb infusion can vary based on individual needs and health goals. It is recommended to consult a healthcare professional for personalized guidance.

      2. Can this herb help with chronic pain management? Hierba de El Sapo is known for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, which can contribute to alleviating various types of pain. 

      3. Are there any known side effects of using this herb? Hierba de El Sapo is generally well-tolerated.

      4. Can this herb be used during pregnancy? It is essential to consult a healthcare provider before using any herbal remedy during pregnancy.

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