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Raiz de oro (1 pieza)

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Raiz de Oro is primarily consumed to alleviate toothache, and it is also used with great success to prevent or eliminate parasites.


Raiz de Oro, the root of the plant.
  • Calms toothache effectively.
  • Helps prevent and eliminate parasites.
  • Natural and holistic remedy for dental and parasitic issues.
  1. To alleviate tooth pain: chew a small amount of Raiz de Oro as a mouth rinse, ensuring it reaches the affected area.
  • How quickly does Raiz de Oro relieve tooth pain? Raiz de Oro is known for its rapid action in alleviating tooth pain. 

  • Is it safe to use Raiz de Oro for children? Raiz de Oro is generally considered safe for use.

  • Are there any known side effects of using Raiz de Oro? Raiz de Oro is a natural herbal remedy, and when used as directed, it typically does not cause any significant side effects.

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