Collection: Sensory System

Introduction to the Sensory System and Its Care

  • Simple Explanation: The sensory system is like your body's communication network, sending information from your environment to your brain. It includes your sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell. Keeping this system in top shape helps you experience and interact with the world fully.

Common Sensory System Issues

  • Relatable Terms: Common issues can range from mild to severe and include vision problems (like nearsightedness or farsightedness), hearing loss, taste disorders, skin sensitivity, and challenges with smell.

Yerbasantas Method: A Natural Approach to Sensory Health

  • Overall Concept: Yerbasantas uses natural remedies to enhance and protect your body's sensory system. Our approach is like nurturing a garden - first preparing the soil (your body), then planting and caring for the seeds (your senses).

Phase 1: Sensory Detoxification

  • Gentle Cleansing: Using natural methods to gently cleanse your body, paving the way for improved sensory function.
  • Herbal Teas: Special blends that help detoxify your body, contributing to clearer senses.
  • Alkaline Diet: Emphasizing foods that reduce inflammation and improve nerve function.

Phase 2: Sensory Nourishment

  • Targeted Nutrition: Introducing foods and herbs that support and strengthen each sense.
  • Specific Supplements: Natural supplements designed to nourish and enhance sensory organs.
  • Mind-Body Practices: Techniques like meditation and yoga that help sharpen the senses.

Yerbasantas Products for Sensory Health

  • Herbs & Supplements:
    • Specific herbs known to support eye health, hearing, and skin wellness.
    • Supplements tailored for enhancing taste and smell senses.
    • Nutritional guides focused on sensory health.
  • Educational Resources: Comprehensive guides and tips for maintaining and improving sensory health naturally.


  • Encouragement: Embrace Yerbasantas's holistic approach to sensory health. Our natural, plant-based solutions are designed to help you enjoy a richer, more vibrant sensory experience in your everyday life. Join us in nurturing your body's senses with the healing power of nature.