Collection: Ears

Introduction to Ear Health and Its Importance

  • Simple Explanation: Our ears are not just for hearing; they are essential for balance and connecting with the world. Keeping them healthy is like ensuring the clarity and quality of sound in our lives.

Common Ear-Related Issues

  • Relatable Terms: Common ear problems include ear infections, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), hearing loss, and vertigo (dizziness related to ear problems).

Yerbasantas Method: A Natural Approach to Ear Health

  • Overall Concept: At Yerbasantas, we treat ear health using nature's healing powers. Our method is a two-step wellness journey – first, purifying the body, then strengthening it with natural nutrients.

Phase 1: Purification

  • Detoxification Fasting: This is like hitting the reset button on your body, which can also benefit your ears.
  • Alkaline Juice Fasting: Special juices help clean your body from the inside, aiding ear health.
  • Herbal Detoxification: Using specific herbs to promote ear health and overall body detox.

Phase 2: Strengthening and Nourishment

  • Nutritional Rebuilding: After detox, we introduce foods and herbs that are like natural ear health boosters.
  • Focus on Ear-Health-Boosting Plants: Utilizing plants known for supporting ear health and overall well-being.

Yerbasantas Products for Ear Health

  • Herbs & Supplements:
    • Specific herbs known for supporting ear health.
    • Supplements to improve circulation and overall wellness, indirectly benefiting the ears.
  • Tonics and Oils: Special blends designed for ear health.
  • Educational Resources: Guides and resources to help understand the benefits of our natural approach to ear health.


  • Encouragement: Embrace the Yerbasantas journey towards holistic ear health. It's about harmonizing with nature to hear better and live a more balanced life.